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I'm scared to work with Clauneck because...

Hi everyone, so Clauneck is a demon/spirit I have heard, researched and seen a great deal of videos about, but I am scared to work with him because I know he tears your life down and builds it back up and I don't know what this entails.

If I choose to work with Clauneck, does this mean he will destroy my new business, make me homeless and make me lose completely everything or will he help me build up what I already have? I wanna work with him, but not if it means I lose everything.

What should I do?... (More)

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Complete guide to develop astral senses.

This meditation has different variants based on particularly which sense you are working on, but the parameters are the same: get into an extremely relaxed state and let your imagination flow.


To train to see spirits, get into a relaxed state of meditation. Visualize…an object. It could be anything, really. A pencil…an apple…anything.

What I want you to do is to try and really “see” this object in your mind’s eye. Try to make this image as detailed as possible. Are there any imperfections? How does light bend on the object? How light or heavy is its color? Try... (More)

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How To Protect & Cleanse Your Aura


This post will be updated with more articles to further explain the topic (will be updated in the next days)