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Death Magick & Necromancy
Death Magick & Necromancy

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Death Magick & Necromancy

Have you ever spoke to a lost relative?

Have you ever been able to channel someone who you once knew, like a family member who has passed away, and was able to speak with them about something? When I was growing up, I commonly saw my great grandma... (More)

πŸ’¬ Discussion
Death Magick & Necromancy

Death Spells

You need for this

  • Water
  • Feather and Dragonsblood Ink mixed with your blood (optionally a red pen)
  • One paper
  • Jasmine Oil
  • Lavender
  • One rose
  • Three black candles
  • One bowl/cauldron
  • Night (best midnight)

So, meditate until you are relaxed and have... (More)

Easy Death Spells without ingredients

So, get into a relaxed state and visualize how the worst things happen to your target and he/she dies.

Then chant, while you are visualizing, three to six times the following:

So now it's your time to leave.

I say... (More)

Kill Your Enemy Spells

You need

  • Gumbo filet
  • Bad Vinegar
  • Beef gall
  • One Pen
  • One paper
  • One big bottle

So, cast a magickal circle and put all the ingredients in the bottle (except the paper).

Now draw a pentagram on the paper and write... (More)