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Ipos is also called Ipes Ayporos and Aypeos. He is also known as the Egyptian God Anubis.

His zodiac position is 15 to 19 degrees of Cancer.

The best date to work with him is from the 8th... (More)

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How to summon lord anubis

Goetic and Dukante Enns

These are the demonic enns:

Abbadon – Es na ayer Abbadon avage
Abigor – Aylan Abigor tasa uan on ca
Agaliarept – On ca Agaliarept agna
Agares – Rean ganen ayar da Agares
Agares – Rean ganen ayar da Agares... (More)

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Occult practicioner

Making a diety guardian?

I understand that as occultists we progress further and further in our path resulting in more and more questions to rise . I dont have the luxury of summoning whenever i want cuz i leave with my mother so i... (More)