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Crows are symbolic of community, intelligence, and generations. Crows are all of these in life. Lucifer would use these as a metaphor for any of the reasons that I have listed. However, you say these are dead crows observed whilst on walks. The dead crow beside the roadway could indicate a stopping point in your current journey but is more likely to represent a new path opportunity and growth. A crow that has died in the forest could imply either an old way of life ending or the start of a new life in a different community.

The actual metaphors... (More)

Because lucifer was disguised by a false rumour at heaven and later he was casted away and then he rebelled against I don't know much but I heard this from shadom the watcher and about Amon he is a great demon king and more like god in real he is son of Satan born with powers of gods and demons and he is very nice to talk but at some point you must to control your fear and more amon he has the power to give strength just like Sammael because he is son of Sammael too .