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Divination & Astrology
Divination & Astrology

Complete information about King Clauneck for beginners and method to perform most powerful and successful money spell with Lucifer and King clauneck,
please do at least 3 to 4 meditations with clauneck before performing big ritual with him, do during 1st to full moon
chant mantra,
Ahvalen Asen Clauneck Kiar.
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Divination & Astrology

What do all the signs mean for our life?

I am familiar with Astrology signs and I know mine, I am a Leo.

I am curious what they mean in the grand scheme of things. Like knowing what my sign is, how can I use this to find the best life path for myself? Is there a way of knowing just through your star sign?

Ancient/ Religion Allegories and Mythologies connection with Consciousness

Hi there! Anyone interested in discussing and learning about the true in depth allegories in religious scriptures and mythology? I have a podcast where we really go into this and so many areas on astrology, human consciousness, the occult, gematria, chakras and meditation, and so much more.

Cleanse and Program your pendulum first.  This video shows how:

Then banish before using your pendulum with sage, palo santo or a chant of some kind.  

The book "Magickal Protection" by Damon Brand teaches how to banish.