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General Discussion
General Discussion

How to do banishment spell thank u

🕯️ Invocation of Lucifer🕯️

In the name of the dragon

I invoke Lucifer 🔥

Lord of the Trident ⚜️🔱

He who guides the ascending soul on the path of God🛡️

Phosphorus the light bearer ♨️

Dark God of Qliphoth✳️

Open the way to your stellar realm🌐

Come from the throne of Thaumiel➿

Through the gates of the Void into this temple of flames🌋🔥

Lord of the night☄️🌑

Open the gates to the path of the dragon and reveal to me secret lost and forgotten🎇🪔

The wisdom of primordial gods 🎴

Lord of darkness and light🌑🌕

I invite you to enter this flesh... (More)

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General Discussion

Please help me with a spell

Someone has scam my brother and take money from him and am in trouble because I introduc the person to my brother but I didn’t know he was a scam😢

💬 Discussion
General Discussion


How do you know when Lucifer has arrived when you call him? What are some of the signs you have experienced?