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Health, Beauty, Happiness, & Shapeshifting
Health, Beauty, Happiness, & Shapeshifting

Alicia Scarlet
baby Witch♥️♥️♥️

Is Astarte and Astaroth same Demon? Cause whenever I search for Astarte's sigil,google show me Astaroth's sigil.

Please what are the difference between conjure, evocation invocation

Easy Strength Spells

You need

  • Focus

So, get into a meditative state and focus on the strength you want to have (physical or mental).

Then chant five to six times the following:

Strength of day, strength of night,
give me strength, beyond my sight.

Then visualize how you get stronger and stronger.

Complete information about King Clauneck for beginners and method to perform most powerful and successful money spell with Lucifer and King clauneck,
please do at least 3 to 4 meditations with clauneck before performing big ritual with him, do during 1st to full moon
chant mantra,
Ahvalen Asen Clauneck Kiar.