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Health, Beauty, Happiness, & Shapeshifting
Health, Beauty, Happiness, & Shapeshifting

How to Cast Petition Spells (Full Guide)

How to Cast Petition Spells (Full Guide)

What is a petition spell?

It is a written intent that is calling the powers of the Gods to manifest the desire. Ancient civilizations have used these kinds of spells to manifest their... (More)

How to Make Full Moon Water (Guide)

How to Make Full Moon Water

You will learn how to…

…make Full Moon Water

…use Full Moon Water

& when to use it.

Usages of Full Moon Water:

Drink: Empowers your soul and raises your intuition.

Plants: Let your... (More)

Do we all have spirit animals?

I always felt like I was a cat in another life. No matter the cat, I seem to understand them and they, me. I have interacted with cats who seemingly hate people but they are okay with me.

If we... (More)

Can someone unknowingly block out a healing being sent to them?

I know there are healing spells and rituals that can cure almost anything. When someone who has a hire track record of healing people using spells and energy, and someone comes a long that can't be healed... Is this down... (More)