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Health, Beauty, Happiness, & Shapeshifting
Health, Beauty, Happiness, & Shapeshifting

Shapeshift into anyone or anything using a picture or a drawing

I have been wondering about shapeshifting and I heard about a spell that people can shapeshift into an animal of their choosing. I was just curious if there is a spell or a spell that can be created for people to be able to temporally or permenantly shapeshift into any physical form people desire that they may have drawn (or even write down traits and details on what they want to look like) or a picture of a random person. Could there be spell or chant to shapeshift to any physical form people wish to be either temporally or permenantly?

Easy Shapeshift Spell

For this Shapeshift Spell, you need

  • One white candle
  • Five animal toys (The animal you want to become)

Get into a relaxed state.

Now light the candle and place the toys around yourself.

Stare into the flame, while chanting five times the following:

Animals of all kinds,
So many,
So many, I want to be them all,
So I may shift,
At my will, I will transform,
By the light of this candle,
This is my will,
So mote it be!

Finally, blow out the candle.

Another Easy Shapeshifting Spells

For this easy spell, you need

  • One white (optionally red) candle

Now get into a relaxed state, light the candle and chant ten times the following:


When the moon strikes down
May the change from below
Become visible to all
As I take the shape of (what you want)
For a moon cycle's time
And to switch to others
As my will most desires,

So mote it be!

Look Attractive To Every Woman Spells

So, get into a relaxed state and chant six times the following:

Lord Adonis, by your hands
Nature's beauty, through Earth it spans
God-like beauty, it does astound
With one look, shall Gaiea's daughters be bound
Give me beauty such as this
So no woman can resist
May my looks be brilliant, so all may see
By my utterance, so mote it be!

Now visualize how every woman finds you attractive and cant resists you.