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Health, Beauty, Happiness, & Shapeshifting
Health, Beauty, Happiness, & Shapeshifting

How to Cast Petition Spells (Full Guide)

How to Cast Petition Spells (Full Guide)

What is a petition spell?

It is a written intent that is calling the powers of the Gods to manifest the desire. Ancient civilizations have used these kinds of spells to manifest their desires.

Casting a petition spell is like making a respectful formal request. A petition can manifest your desires if you are in the grace of the Gods.

Petition Preparation

I recommended to you that you write your petition in Dragon's Blood Ink which you have mixed with your blood before.

If you do not have Dragon's Blood Ink and you... (More)

How to Make Full Moon Water (Guide)

How to Make Full Moon Water

You will learn how to…

…make Full Moon Water

…use Full Moon Water

& when to use it.

Usages of Full Moon Water:

Drink: Empowers your soul and raises your intuition.

Plants: Let your plants and flowers taste the wonderful powers.

Crystals: Charge your crystals by putting them into the water.

Bath: Take a Full Moon Water Bath to cleanse and empower your body & soul.

Scrying: Use it for scrying when you pour the water into a black bowl.

Potions: Use the Full Moon Water in your Love Potions.

Consecration: Put objects into... (More)

Complete information about King Clauneck for beginners and method to perform most powerful and successful money spell with Lucifer and King clauneck,
please do at least 3 to 4 meditations with clauneck before performing big ritual with him, do during 1st to full moon
chant mantra,
Ahvalen Asen Clauneck Kiar.
~LUCIFER~ ♦️A PRAYER FOR UNDERSTANDING♦️ Lord Lucifer, hear my plea. I’ve been so many places and heard so much that I don’t know what is right anymore. Everyone has a different perspective and way of looking at things. Now, I need one of my own. I’m tired of being confused and I ask you for understanding. I’d like to become one of your family, but first I need grounding. I need to feel secure in my own place and comfortable in my understanding of the All. Where do I fit in? Please guide me in the direction I need ... (More)