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High Quality Guides
High Quality Guides

How to Become Famous (WITH PROOF)

How to Become Famous

Become Famous and Become Rich

Case Study:

A year ago I was broke and nobody knew me (except friends and family). It was my goal to grow myself a following and you know that I have achieved this now.

I have a YouTube Channel with 750,000 unique watchers in the year 2019 + My video have been watched for a total of 5 YEARS in the year 2019.

I own communities, groups, podcasts, youtube channel + tons of youtube videos, blogs, memberships, services, products, merchandise store, and I have my own teams for manufacturing, marketing, &... (More)

Chakras + Meditations 👁️‍🗨️✴️

The benefits of meditations are incredible and can only be understand by one who meditate consistently. Meditation is simply closing your eyes focusing on the breath and learning to be present through the years meditation has evolved to many different practices it is originated from Hinduism buddhism but all the religions practice a form of meditation to prayers every one's idea of higher power is different meditation fights with depression and anxiety it is in a doing of yourself of your higher self and for strong mental power. Get into meditative state

Unclean your jaw

Relax your eyes

Allow gravity... (More)

How To Protect & Cleanse Your Aura


This post will be updated with more articles to further explain the topic (will be updated in the next days)

Psychic Powers Development For Occultists

Psychic Powers Development For Occultists

Psychic powers development is mysterious, magical and intriguing. There are different techniques, tips and meditation practices through which magicians can develop their psychic powers. Various practices follow the phases and as magicians’ step from one phase to the next, they are another step ahead of psychic powers development.

  1. Original Void Meditation

Original Void Meditation is one significant practice that offers psychic powers development for the magician. It involves phases.

Phase 1. Develop Psychic Powers: Achieving a State of Ultimate Relaxation.

There can be different approaches adopted to achieve a state of ultimate relaxation but the... (More)