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Money Spells & Legal Magick
Money Spells & Legal Magick

Easy Powerful Money Spells

For this powerful money spell, you need

  • One green, red, blue, gold/yellow, and white candle
  • A strand hair of you
  • A cloth bag
  • An altar

So, put the candles in a circle on your altar and light them. Then put the cloth bag in the middle.

Hold the strand of your hair, face the green candle and chant:

With this one strand of hair,
I will get wealthy because it's fair,
I invoke the spirits and want to say,
I need money, O I need it today.

Chant to every candle (first white, then blue, red and gold/yellow) again.

If... (More)

Easy Money Spells

With this spell u can easily attract money into your life and u only need two things:

  • one green candle
  • one 13 inch gold/green cord

Light the candle and take your cord.

Now say this chant:

With knot one, this spell has begun.
With knot two, plenty of work to do.
With knot three, money comes to me.
With knot four, opportunity knocks on my door.
With knot five, I am and will thrive.
With knot six, monetary problems are fixed.
With knot seven, gain from the vault of heaven
With knot eight, increase is great.
With knot nine, all... (More)

Easy Money Spell without ingredients

Today I did a money spell without ingredients (You only need a pen and paper):

At first, you write down your name three times, then write around your name this chant:

'I got money faster than possible, every time I spent money I got double it back, this will happen over night' (you have to write "this will happen over night" two times.)

Then fold the paper three times to you. Every time you fold the paper, you have to repeat the chant.

At the end, you have to burn the paper with a candle.


Pact to get a job

I need to make a pact to get a particular job.  I'm seeking a job in healthcare, I have the qualifications, but there are some obstacles with my legal history. Which demon/spirit/entity would be good to make a pact with for this?