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Money Spells & Legal Magick
Money Spells & Legal Magick

How to Become Famous (WITH PROOF)

How to Become Famous

Become Famous and Become Rich

Case Study:

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Easy Money Spell

For this easy money spell, you only need the following things:

  • Nine Pennies
  • An Envelope
  • Green Paper

Go outside under a tree. Then write on the paper how much money you want, but be realistic. Fold the paper now three times and add this with the pennies in the envelope and chant the following three times:

Nine cents to make prosperity flow. Nine pennies to multiply, nine pennies to grow.

Now seal the envelope and draw on it a Dollar $ sign. Bury the envelope under the tree and ask it to have a watch over your pennies.

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Simple Money Spells

For this money spell, you need

  • Glass of water
  • One coin
  • Full moon (best midnight)

So, get into a relaxed state. Then put the coin in the glass, which is filled with water.

Go out and let the moon reflects the coin. Then look into the reflection and chant six times:

Lovely lady of the moon, bring to me your wealth right soon  Fill my pockets with silver and gold, all as much my purse can hold.

Simple Money Spells

For this spell you only need

  • four red candles
  • one lighter

Place the candles in a circle and light them one by one while you visualize that you have a lot of money.After 5 minutes of visualization chant the following three times:


Lovely Lady of the Moon, bring to me your wealth right soon. Fill my hands with silver and gold. All you give, my purse can hold