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Money Spells & Legal Magick
Money Spells & Legal Magick

Hi guys! I have found in the past a little javanese spell that had helped me, so i wish to share it with you

Instant Money Spells

If you want to cast Instant Money Spells, then watch my latest video.

What do you need for this Instant Money Spells?:

  • Money bill
  • Green candle
  • Envelope
  • Paper
  • Pen
  • Something to carve

Tip: In the end, visualize the desired... (More)

Lucifer son
Hail Lucifer the fallen one,the light bringer, the helper of Humanity, let peace of mind and love be with me.

Anewbiz has already posted a simple spell on how to win lottery on YouTube,just follow our brother Anewbiz guidance through YouTube and you will get your answer.

How to Cast Petition Spells (Full Guide)

How to Cast Petition Spells (Full Guide)

What is a petition spell?

It is a written intent that is calling the powers of the Gods to manifest the desire. Ancient civilizations have used these kinds of spells to manifest their... (More)