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Banishment, Cleansing, & Protection Magick
Banishment, Cleansing, & Protection Magick

Seeker of Knowledge

Crows are symbolic of community, intelligence, and generations. Crows are all of these in life. Lucifer would use these as a metaphor for any of the reasons that I have listed. However, you say these are dead crows observed whilst on walks. The dead crow beside the roadway could indicate a stopping point in your current journey but is more likely to represent a new path opportunity and growth. A crow that has died in the forest could imply either an old way of life ending or the start of a new life in a different community.

The actual metaphors... (More)

Protection spirits over son

Hello, my son has a condition that can be dealt with, but would take a lot of hard work. Which he and I are willing to do. If I sent a spirit to watch over him to protect him from ridicule and help keep his self confidence strong and maybe a little help to motivate him, should I say a protection prayer for him? He is not a practitioner or religious at all, but I want nothing to negatively influence him. As for my self I don’t call upon spirits and form protection from them, it’s black magick, it’s all... (More)

Banish Your Fears Spells

To banish your fears, you need

  • One pen
  • One paper

So, write along the whole edges of the paper:

I am fearless

Then write in the middle your fear(s).

Now chant three to five times the following:

In this box, I place my fear(s)
To send it far away from here
Do not let me deviate
From my mission, not my fate
Banish that which holds me back
So I can get things back on track.

Then fold the paper in your direction and burn or bury it in nature.