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Psychic Powers, Spirit Communication, & Technology
Psychic Powers, Spirit Communication, & Technology

How to get into a Trance

How to get into a Trance (Guide)

Our unconscious is located on the right side of our brains. So that we can get access to it and program it as we wish, we need to switch off our left behalf. This left side, when active in thinking, stops us from entering into the right one, where also our Astral Power is situated.

Every one of us is individual, and for the ones, it is easier to reach this state, while for others, it takes more time. Anyway, it needs practice, and you have to take your time, being patient, and... (More)

How to overcome Obstacles

How to overcome Obstacles

After having put energy consistently into something, but nothing has manifested, or differently, you have to find out why.

It is essential that you really want what you are working for to achieve your goals. Ensure to put your energy into what you really want. And also, be sure that you can accept all the changes that occur. Be aware, keep in mind, take into consideration what may be the side-effects of the changes that you wish to happen. What you desire is what will manifest in your life.

Some people have subconscious barriers, like, for... (More)


Hecate is Egyptian Goddess

Root of her Egyptian name meaning intelligence and as the Queen of shade she is an Olympian goddess of death and regeneration it was called the most lovely one she works with her will . Practice by Wicca paganism and in witchcraft.

Roman Name :Trivia means leaders of dogs .

She is lightbringer and torchbearer mistress of dark queen of underworld guardian of roads and byways universal door warder and gate garden between this world and other realm. Her association with earth and fertility & cycle of death and rebirth

Hackete is the Goddess of magic... (More)

How to evoke the Elements

How to evoke the Elements

So that you can progress in rising to higher levels of your abilities, you should be a master in both evocation and invocation.

How to evoke Fire

Being in a trance, you visualize yourself in the middle of fire, feeling the heat, the burning, hearing the hissing of the flames. Begin to compress that fire into a space before you, that looks like a ball of fire. Pull the fire from all directions around you and squeeze it into the ball. You should feel hotter and hotter until having the feeling of being in an... (More)