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Psychic Powers, Spirit Communication, & Technology
Psychic Powers, Spirit Communication, & Technology

How do i communicate with spirit guides?

I have been having tarot cards reading which tells me connect or communicate with my spirit guides for help and guidance,please help me on how i connect to them.

Please what are the difference between conjure, evocation invocation

Rita The Elemental Child
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Hi, just joined this community. Backstory, I‘m from 2 families(mom’s side&dad’s side) that have been practicing magic for many gens(wdk when it started.) Dad’s side believes we‘re reincarnated + descended from serpents called Nagas. Mom’s side, some believe they‘re reincarnated from the Nagas. The thing is in the family when somebody was born, they‘d give the child as a child of the snakes for protections. Since I was born I’ve had a connection with snakes. I feel protected. I trust&love them. My mom&I always had dreams about me swimming in the water w/ snakes, and most of the time I... (More)