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Soul Travel, Astral Planes, Dream Travel
Soul Travel, Astral Planes, Dream Travel

What are these strange colours and fluctuations i see in the air when I stare off into trance?

I started doing a set of rituals. I would do the LBROTP and the Middle pillar, followed by what is called the neophyte meditation (still not sure exactly what I was meant to ultimately achieve). It was part of a... (More)

I have heard mixxed opinions on having alters in places like living rooms. I have some out in my living room because I ... see how you praise them. Any thoughts?

Is the Astral Plane part of an alternate dimension?

I see different ideas behind this and I am not sure which is right but the idea of it being part of an alternate dimension really spoke with me. Others say it is the spiritual world, some say the unified... (More)

How does one learn to soul travel?

I would love to experience this. I watched a video talking about a woman's amazing journey and it really spoke to me. I am just not sure where to begin with this. Do I need anything in order to travel... (More)