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Spirits, Possession, Evocation
Spirits, Possession, Evocation

Lucifer son
Hail Lucifer the fallen one,the light bringer, the helper of Humanity, let peace of mind and love be with me.
Hail Lucifer i invoke you from the East, let your powers and authority guid everyone in this occult Eye community in our ways to your kingdom.Hail my spiritual father lucifer forever and ever.
Occult practicioner

Who is lucifer really?

I only invoked him once when i was starting i wasent developed but i was hearing his voice in my head saying very basic things i also remember a pressure in my heart chakra. That out of the way i want to say in greece there all christians but i dont really care the only reasson i dont have contact with him is because i dont know who is he really .

From my personal gnosis samael is the highest face of the 'devil' then we have lucifer , satan, lucifuge and some more each aspect has the same core... (More)


Bathin is also called Bathym and Marthim.

Her zodiac position is 25 to 29 degrees of Gemini.

The best date to work with her is from the 16th to the 21st of June.

Her Tarot Card is 10 of Swords.

Her favorite candle color is Purple.

Her favorite plant is Mistletoe.

She rules over the planets Saturn and Uranus.

Her favorites metals are Lead and Uranium.

Her element is Air.

Her rank is Duke.

She governs 30 legions.

As she is a day demon, it is better to call her during the day.

Bathin reveals the properties of gemstones... (More)

How To Work With Lucifer (COMPLETE GUIDE)

How To Work With Lucifer (COMPLETE GUIDE)

The only guide that you need to 100% know how to work with Lucifer.

This guide is for you if you are serious about working together with Lucifer. Lucifer is not an evil being that wants you soul and he does not feed off negative energies. Almost all stories about Lucifer and Demons generally are ALL LIES.

Let's get started with the guide, shall we?

Truth About Lucifer Revealed & How To Work With Him (FULL GUIDE)

This is the most complete guide about Lucifer and I have summarized all details in this... (More)