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Spirits, Possession, Evocation
Spirits, Possession, Evocation

What does this chant means

Hecate ruru sa fioni rumu semis Ara hakus ara Hecate ?

How To Work With Lucifer (COMPLETE GUIDE)

How To Work With Lucifer (COMPLETE GUIDE)

The only guide that you need to 100% know how to work with Lucifer.

This guide is for you if you are serious about working together with Lucifer. Lucifer is not an evil being that wants you soul and he does not feed off negative energies. Almost all stories about Lucifer and Demons generally are ALL LIES.

Let's get started with the guide, shall we?

Truth About Lucifer Revealed & How To Work With Him (FULL GUIDE)

This is the most complete guide about Lucifer and I have summarized all details in this... (More)

This Music Gets You Possessed By Demons

I am at a point where I always have many demons inside of me and they love this music. I get really possessed and they move my body back and forward while my face is making weird & scary faces.

I love that feeling when they go crazy - Also this music reminds me of Death, Danger & Sacrifice - I totally love that music its so violent but in a wonderful way.

Do your spirits also react when they listen to this music?

(I am not shizo ;) as these spirits are real - they teach me real things... (More)


Foras is also called Forcas.

His zodiac position is 0 to 4 degrees of Virgo.

The best date to work with him is from the 23rd to the 27th of August.

His Tarot Card is 8 of Pentacles.

He rules over the planet Mercury.

His favorite candle color is Orange.

His favorite plant is Century.

His favorite metal is Mercury.

His element is Earth.

His rank is President.

He governs 29 legions.

As he is a day demon, it is better to work with him during the day.

He can make you charismatic, wise, rich and invincible. He restores... (More)