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White Magick, Right Hand Path, & Sephirothic Magick
White Magick, Right Hand Path, & Sephirothic Magick

The the bible ever speak on white magick?

I ask because I know white magic deals with angels in many cases and I know their power was demonstrated in the bible on numerous occasions. Does the bible ever directly speak on white magick or is it just lumped... (More)

Does Saint Michael protect and watch over animals?

My friend's mother has a small pendent that her dog wears. It is of Saint Michael and she said that it is because he watches over creatures who watch over us.

I am not sure if this is true or... (More)

Protection against Guns and others.(NB: Kabbalah related)

A truly mysterious wonder-working formula is contributed by the cele- brated Kabalist Raf Amram, which is said to possess the especial virtue to protect and defend him, who, after the morning prayer, prays it with proper reverence during a whole... (More)

Can you practice white magick if you also practice black magick?

I see a lot of conflictions online about this.

Some say you need to choose a path and stick to it, others say you can do both and don't need to align yourself with either as a means to perform... (More)