The Seventh Chakra (Crown Chakra)


The day of the crown chakra is Thursday, and it is female. Its colour is violet and it corresponds to the thousand-petal lotus. The planet is Jupiter.

The element is water, and the metal is tin. It is located on the top of the head. It stands for enlightenment and bliss.

Use one of the following chants:


            “M-M-M-M-AH-AH-AH-R-R-R-R-DH-DH-OO-OO-OO- OO-K-K"

  • ING


  • MAUM



      Crown Chakra Meditation

  1. Visualize your crown chakra
  2. Align the crown chakra
  3. Breathe energy into your crown chakra by visualizing how energy is flowing through the air into it.
  4. Vibrate the chant (word of power)
  5. Meditate five to fifteen minutes on your crown chakra (visualize a white-golden ball of energy surrounding the chakra).