Breathing Magick Practice Guide

Foundation of whole magick – Energy Management – Psychic Power

Breathing Magick Practice Guide
Breathing Magick Practice Guide

Note: This practice of Breathing means the basics of entire magick. It is so essential if you really want to manipulate energy or work with your mind !


  1. Make yourself comfortable by sitting in a chair, or you lie in a relaxed space.
  2. With each breath in, you feel and visualize how your entire body is breathing in, is absorbing energy, and spreading it to every inch of your body.


It is also possible to breathe out energy and should only be practiced when you're already advanced.

This exhaling energy can make you tired. Give yourself a rest.


Maybe you want to empower anything, like, for example, a talisman or you wish to charge a sigil, then exhaling energy is very useful.


You can also send the inhaled and absorbed energy to a particular region in your body to heal it.


Your feeling in this exercise is essential. Don't try to see the energy; only feel it.