How to get into a Trance (Guide)

How to get  into a deep Trance
How to get  into a deep Trance

Our unconscious is located on the right side of our brains. So that we can get access to it and program it as we wish, we need to switch off our left behalf. This left side, when active in thinking, stops us from entering into the right one, where also our Astral Power is situated.


Every one of us is individual, and for the ones, it is easier to reach this state, while for others, it takes more time. Anyway, it needs practice, and you have to take your time, being patient, and persistent.


  1. Get into a relaxed state while sitting comfortably.
  2. Inhale, hold it, and breathe out for a few seconds each until you reach complete relaxation. Preferably, you do not feel your body anymore.
  3. Imagine how you are climbing down a ladder; just feel it, do not visualize. When you breathe out, feel yourself going down when you breathe in, you are holding still.
  4. Then, you release the ladder and free fall to the back. You need this mental falling combined with deep relaxation and mental silence, to bring down your brain wave activity.
  5. Ending the trance: Move your fingers and toes, hands, and arms; just move your whole body slowly. Get up and walk around.


Once again, take your time. When in trance, you feel things getting quieter. There may not be any noise, especially no sharp ones. You may never be disturbed or startled out of a trance because this could cause extreme pain, maybe for days.


After you have trained your mind to go deeper and deeper into the trance, it is getting easier and easier.