Hi, just joined this community. Backstory, I‘m from 2 families(mom’s side&dad’s side) that have been practicing magic for many gens(wdk when it started.) Dad’s side believes we‘re reincarnated + descended from serpents called Nagas. Mom’s side, some believe they‘re reincarnated from the Nagas. The thing is in the family when somebody was born, they‘d give the child as a child of the snakes for protections. Since I was born I’ve had a connection with snakes. I feel protected. I trust&love them. My mom&I always had dreams about me swimming in the water w/ snakes, and most of the time I was drowning. Btw my mom&I lived w/ dad’s family, and for some reason nobody‘s allowed to do spells or contact the spirits anymore(some of us do secretly individually.) So I grew up not knowing, but things happened and my mom was the only helping me. I also caught my mom doing rituals many times. With my mom’s side we can, but we barely visit them + every time I visited, did some rituals w/ them and came home my mom‘d tell me everything you did there didn’t happen. It was all a lie, so don’t even say it to anyone, so I grew up confused. My mother died with cancer, but we all know it was unnatural. Since then I haven’t seen anybody practicing + I got more curious and been practicing by myself, so I am here asking questions. All of this’s a story for another time because today, my discussion is Lilith&Lucifer.                              

My family’s far from Christian, but my sister&I went to a catholic school for a long time, and we were taught about what the Bible says, Adam&Eve, etc. At first nobody mentioned Lilith or Lucifer just the serpent. Me, a kid instead of falling for it, every time I would fought against it not even logically, but it was just bc my heart trusted the serpent. Then one time my classmate mentioned Lilith then Lucifer. I was just very fascinated by the names and I researched. Everything I found was that they’re evil. It’s been about 15 years that I just believe they are not evil, so I keep researching and find out the same result, then still researching and it even gets worse, but I just KNOW they are not evil, so I keep researching. Till ytd I found Anewbiz. Also when I was young everyday when I got home, I would talk to my mom about the Bible and I would talk to her how Lilith and Lucifer are not evil. Growing up when anything happened to me the two I automatically think of are Mother Lilith and Father Lucifer. Every time I see a statue of Michael, I respect him, but I get uncomfortable bc his foot is stepping on Lucifer’s head.

Ytd I listened to Anewbiz’s YouTube vids all day, and practiced an exercise. Then at night I set up some offering for Lucifer, and I invoked him for the first time. It worked. HE IS THE MOST RESPONSIVE ONE I’ve ever called to. He is wise, calm, protective, warm, which also made me feel warm, calm, still, protected, out of fear like nothing can harm me and free. I never felt anything like this before. I feel powerful and love myself. It feels like something I’ve been waiting for my whole life.

Here come my questions:

1.) Are the snakes that have been protecting my family the same source as Lilith and Lucifer?

2.) Have they been there for me since before I was born or since I was born? You know like the connections and all that I always had as a kid, feeling protected instead being scared of them.

3.) I heard about Lucifer’s forms although 3 forms I saw last night weren’t a beautiful angel with blonde hair or the Satan like the Bible. They were all black shadows. 1st, a lean, tall, wise-posture, rich-looking black shadow. 2nd, a strong-built-black-shadow(like literally muscles), horns and (shadow but) handsome. 3rd, a tall, clean naked man with wings. No his wings are not wide opened with pride. So my questions are why his form changes 3 times at once? Are these forms common at all?

4.) I heard about a spirit-imposter. I don’t think they would do it with Lucifer, but how do I know which is his, which is not? From what I felt last night, that was a very strong connection, and I believe it’s him, but is there a way to make sure?

5.) Last for today, I respect him as King, but he  is so warm and makes me feel protected as a parent to their child. Yet I’m comfortable and trust him as a friend. He is my guide&teacher. I look up to him as a hero. Is it weird that I have a sexual intention toward him when he’s around?

This is it for today. Thank you! Stay safe!