Andras is also called Andrasta.

Andras’s zodiac position is 10 to 14 degrees of Aquarius.

The best date to work with him is on the 30th of January to the 3rd of February.

His Tarot Card is 6 of Swords.

His favorite candle color is black.

His favorite plant is Violet.

His animal is the hell hound.

He rules over the planets Pluto and Mars.

His favorite metals are Iron and Silver.

His element is fire.

He is the chief guard of satan.

He governs 30 legions.

As he is a night demon, it is better to call him at night.


Andras is the god who was worshiped in the forest. He can destroy enemies completely. Andras has a reputation for killing mages and their assistants. He should be very dangerous

Andras, though male, is the British and Celtic goddess Andrasta. "Andrasta" means the "Invincible". Andrasta was a goddess of the Iceni tribe. It was said that Boudicca, the British warrior queen, prayed to Andrasta before fighting against her Roman enemies. 

He is very pleasant to those who are devoted to Satan. He is a true warrior. He is short, wears a black and white striped shirt, and looks around roughly. He is accompanied by a hellhound, a vicious-looking black wolf with red eyes that growled with dusty gray hair. He is a true warrior, but also an artist. He is one of the most dangerous for the enemy.