What Man Receives from the Order of Angels.

Man becomes strengthened with wonderful power through the order of

angels, so that he declares the divine will.

From the Seraphim, that we cling with fervent love.

From the Cherubim, enlightenment of the mind, power and wisdom

over the exalted figures and images, through which we can gaze upon di- vine things, etc.

From the Thronis, a knowledge of how we are made and constituted, that we may direct our thoughts upon eternal things.

From Dominationbius, assistance to bring into subjection our daily enemies, whom we carry with us constantly, and enabling us to attain salvation.

From Potestatibus, protection against human enemies of life.

From Virtutibus, God infuses strength into us, enabling us to contend against the enemies of truth and reward, that we may finish the course of our natural life.

From Principatibus, that all things become subject to man, that he may grasp all power, and draw unto himself all secret and supernatural knowledge.

From Archangelis, that he may rule over all things that God has made subject to him, over the animals of the field, over the fishes of the sea, and over the birds of the air.

From the Angelis he receives the power to be the messenger of the Divine will.

Hope it’s noted and helpful. I’ll soon post how these and many other Angels/Watchers are called or summoned. 

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