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Chapter 1

Azazel’s Background

Azazel was one of the Watchers that has taught humanity how to make swords, shields, and other weapons. 

He also taught humans how to use make-up, use colors, rare stones and crystals, how to make jewelry, and how to beautify eyelids.

God has seen Azazel’s actions as sinful as Azazel shouldn’t have helped and taught humanity about all these revolutionary things.

“That’s why Azazel was cast out of Heaven as he is a sinner.”

The Watchers, including Azazel, had the task to look over humanity, but they couldn’t resist their lust and started getting sexual with human women.

Azazel is now a fallen Angel with high authority and power. He is the leader of the Se’irim which translate out of Hebrew language to “He-Goat”. 

The Se’irim appear as Goat-Demons and be very malevolent, but their worshippers are not intimidated by that fact and have always made big sacrifices to them.

He was the Igigi’s rebel leader – The Igigi are the Gods from Heaven in Mesopotamian mythology.

Azazel ruled the first city of the Gods which is called “Sippar” and someone could find it 32 km southwest from Baghdad (Iraq).

Azazel is also the leader of the Jinns from Arab culture and Satyrs from Greek mythology.

He is seen as the God of Revenge & Justice and master of the Dark Magick. The meaning of the name "Azazel" is unknown and it can only be speculated what it means.



Chapter 2

Azazel Is Raw Power

Azazel is not below Lucifer’s command; instead he rules together with Lucifer. The Lord of Jinns, Satyrs, and Se’irim is known to be serious and straightforward.

He can be very seductive to women which a spell caster can use as an advantage to attract women to the spell caster.

Azazel can control your life completely, and he has no limits and no authority standing above him.

Occultists tend to work with Azazel because he is known for being a master of manifestation. He can get someone into positions of power and authority.

He can grant someone financial and spiritual success, but someone must prove him/herself as worthy, and that often requires sacrifices something (in chapter 3, you will find out what I mean).



Chapter 3

Azazel Demands Sacrifice

When you work with Azazel, then be prepared for a huge mess in your life. Members of my paid membership “Occult Oasis” know my full story and the ultimate power of the ritual I have done.

If you want to learn how to transform your life completely, then become a member of the “Occult Oasis”.

So, what sacrifice does he demand?

I do not mean physical sacrifices as those I will reveal in another chapter. Azazel demands from you to quit anything that holds you back, and that can be a very painful experience.

Most of the times, it’s a very painful transformation, but in the end, you are re-born and more yourself.

It’s time to be more you and less like the person other people want you to be. Azazel taught me self-respect, self-love, self-confidence, and to be a f*cking amazing GOD.

I have felt like nothing. Now I know I am everything. I am my own universe, and I have manifested massive success in my life.

I had no money, but now I am living my dream life. I am not feeling human at all – I feel so blessed and powerful.

However, you need to remember, I have gone through a life of pure shit, and then I went through a few years of pure shit and challenges that the Gods have given me.

Now, I am free, but I needed to sacrifice everything. I have not a girl anymore, I have no friends anymore, I see no sense in most things “normal” people like, I have lost many things, but I have won a life.

It’s clearly not for everyone, and that is why Azazel does not accept transforming anyone’s life. He looks deeply into your soul and mind and instantly knows if you are chosen and ready for this transformation.

I have begged for help for many years, but I wasn’t ready; that’s why I have worked very hard to become more powerful and reach my goals.

I have put my heart into everything I have done, and I have invested all my energy, time, and money into my spirituality.

I was ready to die to become more spiritual. I invested my last cents in becoming more spiritual; I had no fear of losing everything; I was ready to live in jail; I was always ready for the worst.

I go through every- and anything to reach my spiritual goals. SPIRITUALITY OVER EVERYTHING!

Are you chosen? Are you ready? Ask yourself and if you feel ready, then work with Azazel. You should not fear Azazel or the consequences as you need to be ready to sacrifice your old life.



Chapter 4

What You Need To Know About Azazel

His cardinal direction is North, that is why someone should face North when working with him. That ensures the best connection to him.

Azazel’s element is fire and air; that is why someone should burn candles and incense to increase the connection to Azazel.

Lord AZ-AZ-EL prefers blood-red, dark-blue, and black candles and Dragon’s Blood incense and Frankincense.

He likes Lead and Copper, and he likes Dragon’s Blood, Mandrake, and Devils Weed.

He rules Saturn and should be called on a Saturday in the hour of Saturn. His zodiac sign is Capricorn.

He likes Obsidian, and if you want to make offerings to Azazel, then you should offer blood, semen, arousal-fluids from women, whiskey, rum, and red wine.

His favorite animals are goats, scorpions, and eagles.

Here are the names that are often linked to Azazel, Utu, Samas, Shamiyah, Zazel, Shamash, Ashur, Semjaza, Samyaza, Shemyaza, Shemihazah, Shamgaz, Samyazazel, and Shamyaza.

Azazel’s sigil is:

Azazel Sigil
Azazel Sigil


Chapter 5

Azazel Is Dangerous

I have already told you that you need to be ready to work with Azazel, but he can be very dangerous. However, you are not his enemy, are you? 

He is a nightmare for his enemies, and when he wants to destroy someone, nobody can stop him. There is no working exorcism that can cast Azazel out of a person.

That being said, you can now be afraid… or you just stop thinking like a “victim” and start thinking like a “master”.

If you own a dangerous dog, you do not need to be afraid, right? Just the others need to be afraid. Azazel is not your dog or anything you are owning, but he can be a close companion that will always give you host advice.

There is no need to fear him as he is wonderful and very helpful. I’d rather want to hear a nasty truth than a wonderful lie.

Azazel is straight forward, and he is not called “Azazel Demon” as that’s what people type into the Google search to find results of Azazel. 

He is called Lord Azazel. He is no real demon – he is a fallen angel who is a huge difference.

Fallen Angel’s have power over “light” and “darkness” – they have seen and mastered both sides.



Chapter 6

How to Summon Azazel | Azazel Invocation

Do this ritual on a Saturday night and make sure to cleanse yourself and your ritual space before and after the ritual.


How to summon Azazel – How to invoke Azazel

  1. Burn 2 black candles and Dragon’s Blood Incense or Frankincense.
  2. chant his name 6 times.
  3. draw his sigil with Dragon’s Blood Ink mixed with blood.
  4. Chant “Eye On Ca Azazel Aken” 6 times.
  5. Chant “Itz Rel Its Rel Azazel” 6 times.
  6. Do whatever work you want to do with him.
  7. Give him offerings of your choice.
  8. thank him and end the ritual by saying “So mote it be. Farewell, Lord Azazel”.
  9. Cleanse the ritual space and yourself.



Chapter 7

Azazel Demon of Fame, Money & Power

I want to clear out that I see Azazel as a fallen angel but since many people search for “Azazel Demon” and I want to get much publicity to this article I used Azazel Demon as the title.


Hail Azazel.


Wish you many blessings!


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