Asmodeus, you are awesome.

I have struggled since my childhood from heavy traumas caused by sexual abuse.

I tried to heal, I was many years with psychologists & even family therapies I had, I meditated on it basically my entire life and I can proudly say I have healed 80% by myself with my spiritual knowledge & power which todays science/medicine/therapies couldnt do.

Through many traumas I had PTSD ... nothing easy to handle. Life was pure hell even when I had a good day. I faked all happiness for most of my life as I never really like to show any weakness.

The last 20% of my mental problem I couldnt heal - it was such a deep spiritual & mental pain - it was feeling impossible to get it healed ... after all I did everything i could for the last 10 years....

I did a very powerful ritual with Asmodeus and within days I have gotten heavy life challenges and within one week i felt a massive shift and boom... I am all healed now.

Yes, Asmodeus massively helped me - Other demons & angels didnt do it OR maybe i wasnt ready to be healed until now... but all that counts is he helped me & I want you guys to know that you get help in the right time if you follow the right people and do the right things.

Life is a combination of many things. Do many things right & your life will be alright.