The benefits of meditations are incredible and can only be understand by one who meditate consistently. Meditation is simply closing your eyes focusing on the breath and learning to be present through the years meditation has evolved to many different practices it is originated from Hinduism buddhism but all the religions practice a form of meditation to prayers every one's idea of higher power is different meditation fights with depression and anxiety it is in a doing of yourself of your higher self and for strong mental power. Get into meditative state聽

Unclean your jaw聽

Relax your eyes

Allow gravity to grab your legs

Drop your shoulders .

Close your eyes and scan your body and feelings聽

Focus on your breath inhale deeply so every muscle of your body receive oxygen

Sit straight

聽focus when thoughts came acknowledge them and focus on your breath right meditation posture is compulsory聽

You can sit on chair or on cushion on the ground where ever you feel comfortable聽

Cross your legs聽

Straighten up your upper body聽

Open your chest for heart chakra聽

Let your hands drop onto the top of your leg or have your palm facing up聽

Let your gaze fall downward or your close your eyes聽

Allow your body to settle. meditation is the best and amazing way to connect with your crystals and use it to its full potential for you and to get the benefits that you want. meditation reduce stress and increase attention better sleep improve your mood ,memory build and self-esteem it also control your pain and depression three steps for meditation....聽

((1)) Grounding :

close your eyes welcome to breathe meditation become aware of your energy focus on your solar plexus chakra.

((2)) visualise :

this is the chakra of our know that you are always in control and have the choice to take action see yourself taking action towards a good.

((3)) Manifest:

Feel as if you are experiencing this ambitions of accomplishment of the present moment imagine yourself vibration raising to the frequency of your goals ..

聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽馃洃CHAKRAS 馃洃

(1). crown chakra

(2). third eye chakra

(3).Throat chakra

(4).Heart chakra

(5).Solar plexus聽

(6).Sacral chakra

(7).Root chakra.

馃洃 Chakras Main focus 馃洃

Connection to spirit and wisdom聽

Clear perspective and psychic abilities

Self expression in life purpose聽

Love and connection

Power and identity

Emotions and intimacy聽

Physical experience

Colors :

馃挏Purple =>To know聽

馃挋Blue 聽=> chup preceive聽

馃數Sky blue => to Express

馃挌 Green => to Love聽

馃挍Yellow => to act

馃АOrange => to feel

鉂わ笍Red => 聽to have聽

馃洃 Chakras and thier elements 馃洃

Use each element heal chakra




Air 馃寑

Fire 馃敟

Water 馃挦

Earth 馃寧聽

Earth 馃寧 : take the time to walk barefoot and allowed the gravity of the earth connect to your root chakra聽

Water 馃挦: allahabad tattoo be your healing guide use water as your shower with your meditation soap and drink water to energize your chakra聽

Fire 馃敟:take the time to feel the warmth of the fire in allowed at sensation to transfer to your Chakras .

Air 馃寑: allahabad airport to touch your skin and feel its energy聽

Sound 馃攰: allow The frequencies of the nature as well as any other healing frequency to connect to your true voice聽

Light 鉁: take the time to sun gears on moon case and use your everyday natural light to become the healing source of this chakra .

Thought 馃幆: learn to use your thoughts to your advantage make friends with them by observing and learning from them and allowing your spirit to make

馃洃chakras and food types 馃洃



Visual features





Meat protien

馃洃 Chakras Energy 馃洃

Feminine and masculine energy聽

Feminine energy is insight love and pleasure,.

Masculine energies are cosmic energy truth, power and survival. The energy of feminine and masculine .

馃洃 Frequencies of Chakras 馃洃

Crown chakra 963 Hz

Third eye chakra 852 Hz

Throat chakra 741 Hz

Heart chakra 聽639 Hz

Solar plexus chakra 528 Hz

Sacral chakra 417 hz

Root chakra 396 Hz

Use of correct frequency sounds during meditations can transformer or boost your experience this is the power to to heal you and even restore your DNA when use right meditation practice .

聽 馃尦Root chakra 馃尦

Sound : LAM

Positive qualities:

Patience stability grounded safety energetic and survival .

Body parts are blood ,spine, legs ,ovaries and prostate.

Blocked,: anxious ,nervous , eating disorder, aggression, low self esteem, low physical energy, constipation and anemia .

Element : earth聽

Location :base of spine .

Body parts : skeleton ,leg , spine ,colone , blood , ovaries/prostate .

Affirmation: I'm safe grounded and secured.聽

Crystals for root chakra 馃尦

Garnet , carnelian, black tourmaline, hematite, smokey quartz , red Jasper bloodstone, imagine yourself as a tree and it's like stability, safety, grounding and security.聽

馃憫 Crown Chakra馃憫 "'''''''' OMmmmmmm"""

Element : thought聽

Sound 馃攰: Silence聽

Affirmation: I understand my connection to spirits.

Positive qualities are balanced, focus/determined, spiritual, grateful , mindfulness, inner wisdom.

Blocked : spiritual disconnection, no direction/purpose, feeling incomplete, insomnia, migraine, feeling incomplete.聽

crystals :

Clear quartz , Spirit quartz, angelAura quartz, apophylliter , rutilated quartz ,

Essential oils : frankincense,myrrh, Jasmine, lavender and sandalwood.聽

鉂わ笍Heart Chakra鉂わ笍

Name : Anahata聽

Sense: touch聽

Sound : YAM

Element :Air聽

Location : centre of the chest ,

Crystals : fluorite , Rose quartz , malochite ,green aventurine , prehnite , rhodonite , rhodochrosite, malachite, 聽it help to open your chakra and help you stay focused .

Affirmation : I love without attachment myself and other unconditional living beings.

Blocked : critical , holding grudge, gossip, jealousy , lack of empathy , lack of boundary, fear of intimacy ,.

Balance : empathic, setting healthy, compassionate, take care of your heart, forgiving , inner happiness , open hearted , non judgemental.聽

馃帡锔Throat Chakra馃帡锔

Element : sound

Sound : HAM

Sense : Hearing聽

Essential oils : sage, cypress, basil , chamomile , tea tree, rosemary .

Affirmation: I speak my Truth with kindness with purpose .

Blocked : fear of spreading up, poor listening skills, indecisive, poor communication skills, seeking for approval , thyroid problem , jaw teeth and hearing problem .

Positive Qualities: speaks mindfully , speaks with no fear , good communication skills decisive , strong voice firm words

馃憗锔 Third eye Chakra 馃憗锔

Location : between your eyes

Sound 馃攰: OMmmm/ SHAM

Crystals : amethyst , fluorite , labradorite, vera Cruz , rainbow moonstone , sugilite , kynite, kammererite .

Labradorite : offer protection while connecting with psychic realms聽

Rainbow moonstone: cconnects with the moon which correspondence to the intuition.

Sugilite: protection and aid in connecting to your soul purpose .

Kynite: reveals reveals truth and aid in spiritual connection.

Lapis lazuli: connect with Ancient wisdom.

Amethyst: call me and protective clean and clear enable you to connect with your spirit guides.聽

Tanzanite : increase intuition and psychic abilities.聽

Balance : intuitive, adaptable , mental strength , psychic guide , good memory and clairvoyance .

Blocked. : feeling stuck , not seeing the biggest picture , narrow minded, nightmares, spaced out, depression , overly paranoid. 聽

Affirmation : I can read people's energy .

鉂囷笍 Sacral chakra 鉂囷笍

Element : water 馃挦聽

Sound 馃攰:VAMm

Location : pelvis , bladder, testicles , bowel , lower intestines .

Positive Qualities: passionate harmonious Jaipur creative adaptable adventurous relaxed mind.聽

Affirmation : I feel courageous play full and creative .

Blocked : addiction to pleasure, 聽uninspired feeling repress , low self-esteem, infertility and insecure .聽

Crystals : citrine , sunstone, amber, tiger eyes , carnelian .

馃挍馃敾Solar plexus chakra 馃挍馃敾

Body part : Adrenal glands聽


Kidney & liver .

Sound 馃攰: RAM

Sense : Sight聽

Location :above the navel .

Affirmation : I Do.... what's true to myself I believe in myself believe in my dreams I am ok with being misunderstood because I know who I am.聽

Balanced: confident, sense of purpose ,clarity comfortable being you motivated ,leadership mentally clarity .

Blocked : aggression , victim mentally , lack of confidence , narrow mindset , ulcers , trust issues ,high standards .

Crystals :

Amber , citrine, lemon quartz , honey calcite , Yellow Jasper , tiger eye . pyrites..聽