This meditation has different variants based on particularly which sense you are working on, but the parameters are the same: get into an extremely relaxed state and let your imagination flow.


To train to see spirits, get into a relaxed state of meditation. Visualize…an object. It could be anything, really. A pencil…an apple…anything.

What I want you to do is to try and really “see” this object in your mind’s eye. Try to make this image as detailed as possible. Are there any imperfections? How does light bend on the object? How light or heavy is its color? Try to really imagine its details.

Along with this, try to hold this image in your mind for as long as possible. Meaning, try not to lose focus on the image. This will simultaneously train your concentration, which will also be useful on this path.

A more advanced version of this is to take a good look at the room you are in. Try to memorize the room and all of its details. Then, get into a relaxed state of meditation again, and this time try to picture your room as detailed as possible. Every nook and cranny. This one is difficult…but it is one of the best exercises I’ve found.

Another exercise would involve visualizing with your eyes open. Take any object, once more, and hold it in your hand. Try to look at all of its detail. Now, put the object away, and hold your empty hand out. Now you will try to visualize the previous object in your hand, in all of its detail, with your eyes open. Imagine it like its really there.

You could take this further by imagining an entire person, any person, in your room.

To train to hear spirits, get into a meditation once more. This time, I need you to imagine “hearing” a common sound. It could be…a dog barking. Or…a bell. I like to use a bell because it has the perfect frequency to be replicated. What you want to do is try to imagine this sound in as much detail as possible. How does it hit your ears? How loud is it? Do this for multiple sounds.

To take this a step further, you could imagine hearing a voice giving you some supportive messages (like “you’re capable”, or “you are worthy”) <—- its okay if it happens to sound like your own voice. Voices in the head is how spirits communicate with us.

You could even imagine your favorite song playing as well. The key here is to imagine it in great detail, as much as possible. Where are the instruments? How do their frequencies sound? How loud are they compared to others?


Now, I’ll admit, this is my weak-point, but I still can do it to a certain degree.

Get into a relaxed meditative state and imagine a moment in your life that caused you great joy or pleasure. It could be the time you won your first basketball game…or that one time you had sex, if granted. You need to try to “relive” the emotions of that moment as if it actually happened. This will train you to sense spirits.

You can also practice “recreating” the texture of an object. I like to use an orange because it has a very peculiar texture. What you do is take the object and hold it in your hand. Feel every nook and cranny of it, and try to get a good idea of how it feels. Then, put it away and hold out your hand. Now I want you to try to imagine the object, with visualization, in your hand. Not only should you try to “see” it, but you should also try to imagine its texture. How would it feel against your hand? Is it hot, cold, or warm? Is it bumpy? Smooth? Really try to recreate its texture.

I promise that if you do these exercises for a few minutes every day, for a few weeks or months… your senses will begin to develop and you will start to perceive things outside of your “physical” eyes and ears. I think this meditatiom deserves a place in high quality guides.