🎃This is a curse and it will take its toll so be careful. Make sure you sacrifice something since everything has its price. You are not able to stay unharmed if you will not sacrifice. What to sacrifice depends on how you want to curse the person. Very hard curses need to be sealed with blood. Also, do not try to curse advanced witches or warlocks with this, you are not protected enough and it will backfire.


⚠️Before every curse, always make sure they are not a line of witches, you will be destroyed. They ancestors will protect them, they will protect themselves and they usually have several guards and reflection spells or charms upon them. Be careful.


🌫️I recommend using an invisibility charm or spell while doing everything, just so they would not be able to trace to you back after. If they are powerful witches, they still may find you. If you yourself are a powerful witch, there is a good chance they will never find you. As long as you never get get sick or let your guard down. So be very careful!!


I recommend this curse only to be used when someone has hurt you physically, caused you severe mental or emotional pain, wrecked your life, raped you, harassed you, stalked you or done you serious - serious harm.


Be safe, stay safe and shall the ones who make theirselves our enemies fall down in despair.


🖤Curse doll🖤


✨My granny taught me this.


🔮Use it if you want someone to get very sick or do them great harm, do this :


🖤Take a black yarn and fold it into a doll. While doing it, picture everything bad you want to happen to the person. You don't need a piece of hair or any other sort of thing to make this doll.


📍 When it's ready, pin one or few needles into the doll. This is where the curse will strike and go within the person. Choose carefully.


👣 You activate the curse by walking pass the person's house and throwing the doll into the yard. When leaving, visualize some sort of color from your third eye(see what suits for the occasion, it may differ from one person to another) and immagine a cross between you and the person(and doll).