You need for this

  • Water
  • Feather and Dragonsblood Ink mixed with your blood (optionally a red pen)
  • One paper
  • Jasmine Oil
  • Lavender
  • One rose
  • Three black candles
  • One bowl/cauldron
  • Night (best midnight)

So, meditate until you are relaxed and have a clear mind, then place two candles on both sides of you and one in front of you, light them. Place the bowl, filled with water, between you and the candle in front of you. Now visualize your target, write on the paper his/her full name and wait until it dries. Pick off one petal of your rose and rub it over the name. Then pick a thorn from the rose and put it through the paper, take it then again out and kiss the paper. Focus on the darkness in you, visualize how your target dies and close your eyes. Now visualize how the negative energies flow into the rose.

After, open your eyes, stare in the flame in front of you and chant three times the following:

Nyx, Erebus, Thanatos. I call you, Oh great deities. Rise from your old thrones once more, and accept the soul I offer. May they be chained to your feet. May they serve you for eternity.

Now burn the paper and the rose with the candle in front of you. Stare again at the flame and focus your inner darkness, then take the ashes, the wick of the candle, a little bit wax and place them in the bowl. Add the lavender and six to ten drops of the jasmine oil. Blow out the candles and submerge yourself in the darkness.

Now, close your eyes, kneel and hold the bowl above your head for one minute. Then leave the bowl somewhere where the moonlight shines on it. Before the sun shines, go to the place where you left the bowl and go to the next tree and pour it.