1. Visualization

Visualization is an Excellent Exercise to train your third eye.

So, take a flower, or something else, place it in front of you and look at it for some seconds. Then close your eyes and visualize so good as you can the flower. Think definitely of all the little details, the height, color,...

This is a very excellent exercise and will help you.

2. Day Dreaming

Back when you were still in school, you certainly often daydreamed.

Think back to this time!

Then get into a relaxed state and close your eyes. Now focus your third eye and ask the Spirit Guides to show you good and beautiful looking pictures.

Just leave the pictures as they come, don't try to influence or think about them.

3. Talk To Your Spirit Guides

If you never talked to your Spirit Guides, don't worry, this is a powerful exercise!

Simply start to talk to your Spirit Guides the whole day, just start talking, also if you can't hear them.

If you ponder a decision or want intuitive guidance, ask your Spirit Guides. Although you may not be able to hear them, they can hear and see you.

Notice all that you experienced with this exercise (Pictures, Intuition,...).

4. Stay Always With The Spirit Guides

The Spirit Guides will always help you to develop your Clairabilities.

Through your Clairabilities, your Spirit Guides will communicate with you.

So, if you don't know what's the right decision or what you should first do, then ask your  Spirit Guides for help.

You have to decide that your Spirit Guides guide you.

If you did that, then look out for signs, they can be everywhere.

5. Aura Seeing

For this exercise, you need a friend who stands in front of a white wall.

Position yourself so that you can see him/her ultimately.

Then look at his/her third eye area and imagine how you see through him/her the wall.

You should start to see the aura around the head.

6. Meditation

Do meditation to your daily routine. This is one of the important and powerful things to develop your Clairabilities.

It will connect you to your Higher (Spiritual) Self.

Meditation will increase your vibrations and energies.

7. Keep A Diary

If you connected with your Spirit Guides and Higher Self, you certainly want to write down your experiences.

This will strengthen the connection to your Spirit Guides and Higher Self.

8. Read Your Friends And Family

Someday it will be boring only to read about the Clairabilities; you have to start reading your family or friends.

Trust me, and this is a powerful exercise. Do this as often you can!

9. Fluorite Crystal

Fluorite Crystals will help to activate your third eye and gives you psychic protection.

Meditate and sleep nearby the crystal. You can also wear it.

10. Rosemary Oil

Take a drop of Rosemary oil and rub it over your third eye area. It is too good to meditate on this.

11. High Vibration Food

Just eat everyday dark organic chocolate and fresh fruits. That will help to strengthen your aura and raise your vibration.

12. Telepathy

Practice telepathy! Just visualize the face of a friend or someone else and then say something energetically to him/her, for example, that they should contact you.

13. Third Eye Activation

The Third Eye is like a muscle; the more you train it, it will get stronger.

Tap your third eye area a few times with your index finger and visualize how your third eye opens.

14. Search A Spiritual Teacher

To have a spiritual teacher is recommended.

They can help you much to develop your psychic senses.

15. Meditate With One Crystal

Just get into a relaxed state and put one of the following crystal on your third eye and start meditating.

⦁    Amethyst

⦁    Aquamarine

⦁    Celestite

⦁    Fluorite

⦁    Labradorite

⦁    Moonstone

⦁    Opal

⦁    Sugilite

⦁    Tektite

⦁    Ulexite

16.  Use Zener Cards

So, use Zener Cards and send telepathic pictures to a friend and receive some of them.

17. Dream Diary

Clairvoyant messages and signs from Gods, Spirit Guides, etc., often come in your dreams.

If you got signs, messages, etc. notice them in a diary. (You can use the same journal from point seven)

18. Turn Your Clairabilities Off

When you are done with exercising, visualize a candle in the middle of your hand and simply blow it out.

This helps to control the psychic senses.

19. Don't Expect Anything

If you expect something, it will come slower. Forget all that someone told you, how clairabilities are, and don't think about how they can be.

You have to experience it yourself.

20. Work Always With Your Third Eye

Your Third Eye is the connection to your Clairvoyance.

Remember the experiences you've done, meditate every day, and use the tips.

21. Reading Objects

Get an object and hold it.

Now close your eyes and try to see and hear everything about this.

22. Nature Walk

Meditation is not only sitting down, but you can also meditate by going out and take a walk.

Focus on every step you take and what you feel then.

23. Reading

Start reading books, articles, posts,... about psychic senses.

24. Antique Store

So, go into an antique store and then take an object.

Then try the same things as in point one.

25. Tarot Cards

Get Tarot Cards and take one, then meditate on the card.

Write down all the clairvoyant/clairaudient that you received.

26. Clairaudience Exercise

When you go to sleep, just focus on all the sounds which you hear.

Do this every day.

27. Don't read, just do it!

If you want to become a soccer star, and you only read about the things that they did to get there where they are, you will not become one.

The same applies to the development of your psychic abilities.

28. Pet Reading

If you have a pet, then go to it and try to feel its feelings.

29. Picture Reading

Get some family pictures, like one where your grandpa is on or someone you have never met.

Look at the picture and then write down all that you feel.

30. Do Prayers

Pray to a god, which you like and/or connected with.

31. High Vibration

To keep your vibrations high is recommended.

To do this, you need to meditate and eat high vibration foods every day.

32. Clairaudience

If you wait somewhere, then train your audience. Just listen to the background noises.

33. Seek Hidden Objects

Ask a friend to hide your keys or some clothing. While your friend does this, go outside.

When you than inside, try to connect to the energies of the item/s and feel where it is.

You can ask yourself something like this:

Is it under my bed?

Is it in my bath?

Is it behind my computer?


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