When you start reading and learning Wicca, you will probably come across the terms Wicca, witch, and pagan. Many people do not know the difference, people who have nothing or little to do with magic even equate someone who uses some kind of magic with one of the above terms.

So now let me explain to you the differences.



A Wiccan is not more than a person who follows the "religion" Wicca. The religion was founded by the British occultist Gerald Gardner and is one of the most well-known branches in witchcraft. 


Even if Wiccans incorporate practices of other beliefs into their work, some teachings are only for Wiccans.


Anyone who practices magic or pursues a specific magic branch is a witch. So you could call all Wiccans witches. However, not every witch is a Wicca.



The word "Pagan" was used in ancient Rome by Christians as an insult to people who worshiped other gods instead of the Christian god.


After a while, people started to identify with the Pagan, after which it was rarely used as an insult.