For this spell, you need

  • Fake cash (for example monopoly cash)
  • One white candle
  • Drops of your blood
  • An envelope
  • Cinnamon powder

Start with lighting your candle, then put some drops of your blood on the fake money and put it in the envelope. Now scatter as much cinnamon powder in the envelope as it feels right for you, then smear your blood on the adhesive surface of the envelope.

Drop three little drops of your blood in the candle's flame and tip the mixed wax on the envelope, wait until the mixed wax is cooled.

Blow out the candle and take the envelope in your right hand and chant the following three times:

Hear me angels in your glory
Hear me now zachareal.
I see the need for the common good
And ask for this to be increased
Blessed be so mote it be

Hide the envelope in a safe place.

Do the last step for seven days every day.