For this powerful money spell, you need

  • One green, red, blue, gold/yellow, and white candle
  • A strand hair of you
  • A cloth bag
  • An altar

So, put the candles in a circle on your altar and light them. Then put the cloth bag in the middle.

Hold the strand of your hair, face the green candle and chant:

With this one strand of hair,
I will get wealthy because it's fair,
I invoke the spirits and want to say,
I need money, O I need it today.

Chant to every candle (first white, then blue, red and gold/yellow) again.

If you are done put strand of hair in the bag and chant:

I will be wealthy,
I will be healthy,
With this strand of hair,
I will get my money,
And it will be fair.

Always take the strand of hair with you.