His zodiac position is 25 to 29 degrees of Leo.

The best date to work with him is from the 18th to the 22nd of August.

His Tarot Card is 7 of Rods.

His favorite candle color is Orange.

His favorite plant is Sunflower.

He rules over the planet Mars.

His element is Fire.

His favorite metal is Iron.

His rank is Marquis.

He governs 29 legions.

He was of the Order of Thrones and the Order of Angels.

As he is a day demon, it is better to call him during the day.


Forneus gives you a good reputation. He teaches languages, all the arts, and sciences, and can make your enemies love you. He protects against evil perpetrators.

Forneus is very human-friendly. He has a beautiful, deep red robe like a royal robe, which is white with black spots. He has black shoulder-length hair, an intense look, dark eyebrows and penetrating black eyes with olive skin. He can also appear with a reptile marine animal. He understands the evil of the enemy angels.