Greetings brothers and sisters today I want to share my story of my friend who betrayed me for his ego and jealousy. I started my magic path when I was a kid with a friend and I learnt much and taught him I helped him to open third eye and learn divinity and later I came in dark path and because of that he didn't liked me and he messed my mind and memories and gave me a emotional block and absorbed life force from others and so I can't use my abilities . Before some days there was a special day for all dragons and I was preparing for it and it unlocked some of my memories that were absorbed from him and then I asked help of a special friend who was a demon .
He went in his mind in other form and seen everything he done with me and he took his life force and gave me back.

Moral of the story :- never trust a friend who has egoastic issues and who is against your ideology.