I’m new to black magic and satanism, just started about two months ago.

Im 16 and hoping to learn everything there is to know about magical and spirituality. Im growing up in a Christian household so it’s difficult to be able to properly do any rituals or even consistently do meditations. 

When I was younger (12-14) I was extremely depressed and suicidal, and attempted to take my life on two occasions. I ended up getting little help because of my parents and this led me to despising the christian god and eventually becoming an atheist for a little while.

Three months ago I stumbled upon JOS ministries website and started reading into Satanism. I was extremely intrigued and began exploring it more ending up on VK Jehannums website.

 This is when I did his initiation ritual and begun meditations. I instantly saw positive results in my life . About a month ago I mediated on Astaroth and chanted her enn and after a few minutes felt the most intense satisfaction I had ever felt in my life. 

My entire life I felt like I had been missing something. I was told by Christians that it was yahweh who I needed but I tried to follow him and my life just got worse. The demons and Satan are the real Gods and they actually care about you. Now I found Anewbiz and this website and I am introducing myself to you.

I am still struggling with finding information on how to do things but the Gods continue to reveal knowledge to me through websites such as this. 

Special thanks to Anewbiz for creating the website! 

p.s. Yes I left jos ministries. I now know that they have false info on their site