How to Become Famous

Become Famous and Become Rich

How to become famous
How to become famous

Case Study:

A year ago I was broke and nobody knew me (except friends and family). It was my goal to grow myself a following and you know that I have achieved this now.

I have a YouTube Channel with 750,000 unique watchers in the year 2019 + My video have been watched for a total of 5 YEARS in the year 2019.

I own communities, groups, podcasts, youtube channel + tons of youtube videos, blogs, memberships, services, products, merchandise store, and I have my own teams for manufacturing, marketing, & client support.

1 year ago I had nothing. . . 1 years later . . . I have over 13,000 subscribers on YouTube and tons of clients on all my projects, memberships, communities, etc.

And you might think that it took me 1 year to achieve that, but ........

...... it took me 3 months to come to a point where I have earned $15,000 in weeks not months.

I give you a few bullet points that reveal how I have done it.

  1. I have done the Azazel Salt Fire Ritual (I have a course about it and many more rituals at
  2. Azazel transformed my life - removed everyone that held me back from my destiny.
  3. I have always suffered but after the ritual I have suffered a lot more.
  4. After 1 years of suffering I have created content for other people. My goal is and always was to help others. Profit or the thinking about money always came second.
  5. Lucifer & Azazel the Dream-Team have taught me how become a powerful being - I don't call myself human - I see myself as an alien with roots in the endless void.

How YOU can Become Famous, Become Successful, And Become Rich Mindset

Don't focus on becoming rich, famous or successful, instead you should focus on helping others, creating and inventing solutions to other people's problems.

What does Amazon do? They help customers to find and purchase items easier, quicker, & often also cheaper.

What does Microsoft do? They help people to navigate their PC as easy as possible.

All big companies focus on their customers - They are always trying to make things easier and quicker for their customers.

If you focus on money - then you might earn some money but your customers might run away when your focus is not on customer satisfaction.


How YOU can Become Famous, Become Successful, And Become Rich Niches

Not everyone can make occult videos on YouTube like I do, but I also cannot build bridges. Find what you CAN do and that HELPS other people.

Narrow it down to ONE interest - that can be anything - but it need to be ONE interest - NOT MANY.

Do you like playing the guitar? Create content about playing the guitar. That's your niche.

If you like to motivate others then create content that motivates others.

Even if you are a drug addict you can make money - You can make videos where you record your life as a drug addict and how it feels. You could wear a mask or if it's legal in your country then do videos without the mask.

Anything can be a niche. Any interest can be your ONE niche. Pick your interest and you are ready to go.

How YOU can Become Famous, Become Successful, And Become Rich Content

Now, it comes to content creation. What content can I create to help others? What should I do, I don't have any ideas?

  1. Go online, search your interest on Google and look at your competition and do what they do with your own touch to it.
  2. Create a website where you write articles about your niche and create a youtube channel where you make videos about the articles.
  3. Build your social media presence (Create an Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat,..., - Profile)
  4. Post the same content on all profiles to save yourself time but post 1 to 3 times PER DAY EVERY DAY
  5. Link every social media post to your newest video
  6. Link your video to your articles
  7. Create videos every day and upload every day
  8. Comment on other YouTube Channels so people see your name here and there and when they search for a topic they might find a video that is upload by you (the name they have seen before... they click on it)
  9. Wait for your users to comment your articles, videos, and social media and wait for "problems" and "questions"
  10. Now, answer a few of these questions in new videos
  11. Create a product that can be a video course that you sell for $50 to $5000 (depends on your niche and how great your solution is - pick a price that you would pay and ask others what they would pay for your course/solution)
  12. Create more helpful content on YouTube, your website and social media and always link and mention your AWESOME PRODUCT/SOLUTION/SERVICE

Do all of these steps and stick to them for months.

How YOU can Become Famous, Become Successful, And Become Rich Ritual

Now when you have done everything that I have previously explained then it's time to do the "Salt Fire Ritual" With Azazel (Get it in my paid membership at

If you cannot afford it then check out my Azazel guide & Lucifer guide + other high Quality guides.

Work with Azazel and Lucifer to increase your sales & maximize your results. Always remember it needs REAL WORK to achieve results and the Gods will help you but you need to do the work. If you do not work then you will not get help from the Gods. And make sure to give them something back for their help. More about that you can read in my guides (linked above).

Disclaimer: I give you no guarantees for any results as results vary from person to person. The shown results and numbers are my results and they act as an example. Success needs true work and is influenced by many factors and therefore cannot be guaranteed to anyone.


I wish you many blessings!

It's Your Anewbiz
It's Your Anewbiz