How to clean your Aura

How to clean your Aura
How to clean your Aura

Imagine a wall, and every day someone shoots bullets at this wall. At some point, the wall will have wholes.

These wholes allow attackers to shoot through the wall, and that's not what we want, right?


Your Aura is your wall – the protection that you need. It is not optional to cleanse your aura; in fact, it is essential for your spiritual and psychic health.


When you have a healthy and robust aura, then people will feel attracted to you, and they see you as a charismatic and positive person.


You should clean your aura to keep harmful spells, powers, and beings off yourself. Negativity can cause sickness and bad luck – cleanse your aura to stay safe and positive.


I recommend two daily aura cleanings, and preferably you would do them in the morning and evening.


Every day we meet some negative forces (maybe you cannot sense them, but they do exist and seek out weak people that do not protect themselves) or negative people that put "dirt," aka negativity on our aura.


This "dirt" aka negativity you can see as "attacks" at your aura. When you clean your aura, you repair the little wholes caused by the attackers.


How to clean your aura


  1. Bright light is shining from the sun unto you for a few minutes.
  2. This raw, pure, and all-penetrating energy from the sun is cleansing you.
  3. Continue until you feel the vibration of the sun.
  4. Visualize a little sun at your heart energy center (heart chakra/middle dan tien)
  5. Let the little sun grow bigger – the more energy you absorb from the sun, the bigger the little sun within yourself gets.
  6. Continue until the sun completely surrounds yourself.


Please note: You can do the cleaning during the day and night. You just need to visualize the sun and its energies. The visualization is manifesting it.