what is augmentation? augmentation is the psychic ability to enhance physical abilities like strength, speed, senses, stamina, healing (wound and sickness), flexibility, reflexes, pain tolerance etc.

what are the things you need to be able to start?

  • you first have to be able to do some energy work like making a chi ball  for example.

how to begin, firstly you should imagine that you have in your center an orange ball of energy and make it stronger and stronger and then imagine the energy going into the body part you want to strengthen with the intention, if you want more strength you can for example: imagine the energy going into your bicep (if you will use it) and say to yourself something like "strength" a few times or "strengthen my muscles" and eventually you will not need to say anything and focusing on your intention will be just as good  and you will also not need to make the ball in the center after some time because you will be able to imagine the orange energy in your body part that you want to strengthen and then after some time you can just will the energy to go wherever you want. 


for speed you can imagine the energy shooting into your legs and making them faster

for stamina you can image the energy going into all of your muscles and organs 

for healing you can imagine the energy like a flame that purges the sickness though you might feel the sickness getting worse but it will heal quicker.


some tips and tricks you can use

  • you can put the energy of an emotion into the energy and by doing that you make it stronger ( like if you are angry)
  • if you will run long distances you can "pump waves" of energy into your body
  • you can give yourself multiple types of enhancements one after the other like strength and muscular endurance in the same body part
  • you can give yourself multiple types of enhancements in different parts of your body 
  • grounding and centering before helps
  • if you are going to use this ability on a regular basis make sure you are not doing too much of the same exercise  because you will do much more then your body is capable without it and recovery. you can run one day the next work your chest and triceps after that you can work your back and biceps, then your legs, then you can do some stretching ( with augmentation), if you need to move a heavy object etc counts as using it even a little is better then nothing.


it might seem like its difficult to learn but it is not that hard. plus it is a way to train your body and magick at the same time which is always good. i started doing it because i was skinny and i wanted to have something to give me strength and because i trained my magick as well as my body it gave me more drive to do it. and the progress can be surprisingly quick 

this is an ability that can benefit pretty much everyone and is definitely worth learning