How to do Chakra Spinning

Chakra Spinning
Chakra Spinning

In case you lack the time or the necessary privacy, you can apply this meditation, which only takes a few minutes. But you must also be tuned in and focused, though. 


Visualize your base chakra, looking like a pyramid spinning like a vortex. Spin it until it spins on its own. Its color is a powerful red vibrating one, while the peak of the pyramid is pointing upwards.


Follow this procedure for each chakra all the way up to your crown chakra. Visualize the corresponding brilliant light.


  • 1st pointing upwards, red-colored
  • 2nd upwards, orange
  • 3rd downwards, gold/yellow
  • 4th this chakra's form is similar to a yoni, green
  • 5th downwards, rich sky blue
  • 6th downwards, indigo/bluish-violet
  • 7th downwards, purple


The sixth chakra is not your third eye. The third eye is the extension of your sixth chakra. So you concentrate on the middle of your head, as this is the center where the sixth chakra is located.


Some can see the colors at once, others after a particular time. If the color of a chakra is dark, it is not functioning the right way. 


Preferably your chakras spin at a higher speed. To keep us safe and healthy both in the astral and physical environment. And it's required doing the Chakra Spinning each day. It is a step by step procedure that strengthens itself day by day, though. 


Inhale, invoke light energy to empower your soul, because our soul is made of light.