How to do workings the right way

How to do workings the right way
How to do workings the right way

Spiritual power or workings, for example, spells, are deals you have to repeat again and again, consistently and regularly. They are not a one time affair, except one having a very strong soul. Only a few are successful with only one working, but this is not the norm.


When undertaking a significant working, for most people, there must be repetition. If one's soul is powerful, there is a good chance that less repetition is necessary. But 99% of the time once only is not enough. Energy needs time to build up. Skipping meditation or working should not be the intention. It also helps a lot if you build up a union, where all members have a strong soul, though.


Your meditation or working has to be engraved into your energy centers, into your soul like metal is engraved. You can reach this through repeated affirmations and using white-gold light. It is essential to have an active experience, not just theory.


Your soul needs to be strong if you want to change your fate. Empowering your energy centers should be a daily must-be. This you can achieve, for example, with yoga, breathing exercises of whatever is convenient for you. 


For your affirmations, you could use a Satanic rosary by repeating them – in a short manner and present tense. Do this for all 108 beads, while you focus on the light, that complements the working. For a significant working you should repeat it every day for 40 days. 40 is the number of Satan, as well as is number 9. These significant ancient numbers vibrate in a particular mode.


You need a strong mind when doing spell-working. It is not enough to only repeating affirmations without having the right mindset. As I already mentioned several times in previous guides, you need patience and persistence, as time will bring progress. Do not get discouraged and keep on working.


Never doubt in your working, even if there may be a setback. Keep on doing your affirmations by visualizing light energy and focusing on your mind.