How to Make Full Moon Water 

You will learn how to… 

…make Full Moon Water 

…use Full Moon Water 

& when to use it. 

Usages of Full Moon Water: 

Drink: Empowers your soul and raises your intuition. 

Plants: Let your plants and flowers taste the wonderful powers. 

Crystals: Charge your crystals by putting them into the water. 

Bath: Take a Full Moon Water Bath to cleanse and empower your body & soul. 

Scrying: Use it for scrying when you pour the water into a black bowl. 

Potions: Use the Full Moon Water in your Love Potions. 

Consecration: Put objects into the water to empower them. 


How To Make Full Moon Water: 

1. Take a jar or bottle 

2. Fill water into the jar or bottle 

3. Stick the Full Moon Empowering Paper on the jar or bottle 

4. Place the jar or bottle into the moonlight on a full moon. 

5. Optionally: Remove the jar or bottle before the sunlight shines.

Download the Moon Water Sheet Here: