How to meditate on your 7 chakras (Guide)

It is necessary to work on all of your seven chakras if you want to do the full chakra meditation. You start with your crown chakra by visualizing it until it is adjusted the right way before beginning the specific breathing for it. 

By doing so, you start your crown chakra to vibrate, and then you do the meditation on it. You go on like that for all the other chakras downwards. 

Just continue with one after the other, until you reach your base chakra, what then means that you have done the full chakra meditation. If, for example, you like to meditate only on one or a few chakras, you have to ensure your energies are balanced at the end of the meditation. 

You can reach this when you visualize, respectively, adjust the individual chakra and vibrate the corresponding word of power.

As every chakra has a specific day and hour, it is crucial to do the meditation then, when a chakra seems to be weaker or needs to be empowered. 

 Seven Chakras Meditation

  1. Visualize the specific chakra
  2. Align this chakra
  3. Breathe energy into your chakra by visualizing how energy is flowing through the air into your chakra.
  4. Vibrate the chant (word of power)
  5. Meditate five to fifteen minutes on your chakra (visualize a white-golden ball of energy surrounding the chakra.