How to open a blocked Chakra

How to open a blocked Chakra
How to open a blocked Chakra

Preferably, all chakras are open so that energy can flow the right way. In case one is blocked, you need to open that one. Blocked chakras are not able to absorb energy on their own and can make you sick. If you have a feeling of burning in one of the chakras, you know that the one above it is blocked.


Breathe white-gold light/energy into the blocked chakra, hold your breath for a few seconds, and see how the chakra is engulfed by the light/energy. While you exhale, you expand and brighten the chakra.


Now you inhale through the base chakra brilliant white-gold light and bring it up your spine, pass the chakra, that you try to open and let it out of your crown.


Exhale and see your chakra expanded and bright. Below you can find the mantra for the specific chakra you are working on, vibrating the mantra while you exhale. Do this several times or as long as you feel comfortable.


  • 1st chakra:  LAUM [vibrate LLAHHH – UUU – MMM]
  • 2nd chakra: VAUM [VAHHH – UUU -MMM]
  • 3rd chakra:  RAUM [RAHHH – UUU – MMM]
  • 4th chakra: YAUM [YYAHHH – UUU – MMM]
  • 5th chakra:  HAUM [HAHHH – UUU – MMM]
  • 6th chakra: AUM   [AHHH – UUU – MMM]
  • 7th chakra:  MAUM [MMAHHH – UUU -MMM]


You need to roll the 'R's and pronounce the 'U's as in the word 'blue'.


It is not enough to do the above exercise one time only. You need to practice it again and again. Every day as long as there is a problem. Be patient and persisting.