How to overcome Obstacles

How to overcome Obstacles
How to overcome Obstacles

After having put energy consistently into something, but nothing has manifested, or differently, you have to find out why.


It is essential that you really want what you are working for to achieve your goals. Ensure to put your energy into what you really want. And also, be sure that you can accept all the changes that occur. Be aware, keep in mind, take into consideration what may be the side-effects of the changes that you wish to happen. What you desire is what will manifest in your life.


Some people have subconscious barriers, like, for example, fear of change, or something else that happens while aiming what they desire. These barriers can ruin a working, although one is not aware of it. Know yourself.


The following could be a reason not to get what you wish.


  • If your soul has much power, it is easy to reach what you want. But having too little can make things difficult. Always keep in mind your focus of working.
  • Always be aware of what are the particular phrases that you repeat over and over again. Maybe, they do not agree with what you try to achieve. Always be careful - you are what you think and say. 
  • Regarding an illness, don't just say that's karma. You can overcome it by applicating the knowledge that you get in the occult.
  • Where there is a will, there is a way. Do not say "I can't afford it", but "How can I afford it?". Use positive statements. Say "This is mine".  And always in the present tense.


Maybe you have unconscious barriers included in your obstacles. Ask your mind, "why doesn't it work the way I want it to?" and find out. It could be that those obstacles origin in early childhood or previous lifetimes.


Once you discovered them, you're already half-way. You now put your meditations and energies into destroying them by applying positive statements in the present tense. Destroy the obstacles first. Then, you take in mind your main goal. 


An over-all affirmation: "Any obstacle preventing me from having ……., is getting destroyed and dissolved."