How to prepare for Meditation

How to prepare for Meditation
How to prepare for Meditation

Of course, you need a quiet place where your mind and your body can relax and finally find a trance state, what is most effective. It is easy for masters to get into this state, no matter what the environment or circumstances are. In fact, regular meditation makes you calm and cool.


Here are some possibilities how to prepare for meditation


  • If there is time enough, yoga exercises are a very good way of calming your body and soul
  • Specific breathing exercises
  • Sound listening
  • Sitting or lying, while starting with your feed relaxing them, let them fall. Do this all the way up to your head.
  • Concentrate on the energy around you for several minutes. Then the same with the energy inside your body. Take your time and switch a few times between them to feel it.
  • Relaxation by sexual orgasm is an excellent chance to visualize how energy is flowing from your base chakra up your spine. Opening your chakras and cleaning them is what orgasm does naturally.


Avoid disturbing noise at your meditation area.

You may not be tired to fall asleep.

Do not overeat before meditating, but don't be hungry.


If you are already advanced, you can reach a trance state, although there may be deflections, for example, a specific thought. Just be honest to yourself and, in agreement with your mind, put this thought aside. After the session, you can face it.


It is individual how long one has to follow this practice. Like always, be patient and consistent.