How to Remove Your Chakras - Chakra Removal Guide

How To Remove Your Chakras Chakra Removal Guide
How To Remove Your Chakras Chakra Removal Guide

Why Should You Remove Your Chakras?

Every day there are astral beings around us and they are feeding off our energies and aura. They can easily do that by using our energy system as some kind of water tap.

They cannot consume our soul's energy as it is too powerful. That's the reason why they need Chakras.

Chakras are like a easy to control water fountain with several levels and there is wonderful energy on each level.

These astral parasites take advantage of your weaknesses. When you are vulnerable they attack you and feed off your energies.

Once they have "hacked" your system they also manipulate you and cause depression, anxiety, fear, and sickness to keep you weak.

When you are healthy, happy, and in true love then they cannot consume you. You are so wonderful and powerful - Do you know that?

This world tries to get you down - it's a system that tries to make true love look stupid and nobody really cares about each other.

This world gets people depressed, fearful, sick and less spiritual. The solution is to remove your chakras & protect yourself. 

Chakras make it easy for these nasty parasitic beings to consume your energies. The good news is that they cannot feed off our energies when we remove our chakras.

I show you how our energy looks like when it is not controlled by a chakra energy system.

That's how powerful your energies are when the chakras have been removed. Once your energies aren't controlled by the chakra system these beings would commit suicide when they would dare to take a "drink" from your energies.

Religion Is The Culprit?

If you are religious then that's okay with me, but my personal opinion is that religions are one of the reasons why people feel guilty and why they are fearful and anxious.

There is no hell where you will suffer and this world has not been made only for us humans. Animals are wonderful creatures that deserve happiness as well. This toxic thinking that humans stand over everything is why we have had so many wars.

All past and upcoming wars are caused by religious conflicts or because human think they are better than someone else (which is also taught by the religions).

Are Demons Evil?

Stop being afraid as there is no hell - I know it for 100% as the Gods which you might call Demons are wonderful beings that have helped me.

I was raised christian by my father's family side and I was raised islamic by my mother's family side. I know Judaism, Christianity, and Islam very very well.

I have suffered for my entire life to a degree that I didn't want to continue to live, but the Gods/Demons have helped me heal and become stronger and that's what you should do to be protected from astral parasites.

You see your believes can either make you happy or sad & depressed.

How To Remove Your Chakras


Write on parchment paper with Dragon's Blood Ink:

By My Authority And Will I Remove All Chakras And Chakra Implants Forever!!!

Get some Dragon's Blood Incense Or Frankincense.

Prepare a sterile needle or lancet used with or without a lancet device (Seek professional advice if you have never done this before).

Three black candles.

Offering Plate Or Bowl (where you burn the parchment paper in the ritual).

To do this ritual your ritual space and your body, mind, and soul need to be fully cleansed from any negativity.

Get into a trance before you start the ritual (Method: Meditate until you get into a very relaxed state).



First, you burn the three black candles.

Second, you call Azazel to assist you. Chant 11 times:

Eye On Ca Azazel Aken

Third, you sting your finger safely with your sterile needle or preferably lancet device and put your blood on the parchment paper.

Forth, you put a bit blood on each of the three black candles.


Fifth, you chant the following:

By Azazel's Authority And Will All Chakras And Chakra Implants Are Remove Forever!!!


Sixth, you visualize a dark portal in front of you that is destroying anything that enters it.

Seventh, you visualize how each of your chakras is sucked out of your body, mind, and soul into this all-destroying dark portal.

Start with your root chakra and go up your chakras until you reach your crown chakra. Visualize how one chakra is sucked into the all-destroying dark portal after another.


Eighth, you recite the following:

All Implants And Chakras Are Removed From Me Forever!!!


Ninth, you visualize how the dark portal closes and disappears.


Tenth, thank Azazel for his assistance.


Eleventh, you cleanse and protect your body, mind, and soul.


Twelfth, you connect with the God/Goddess of your choice to ask for additional protection.


Alright, I hope and believe that this guide helps a massive amount of people! May you all be blessed and protected on your ways.

Leave a like now & comment your opinion and useful tips + knowledge.

I wish you many blessings!

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