How to strengthen your Aura

How to strenghten your Aura
How to strenghten your Aura

For getting extra energy into your aura, this meditation is very powerful. One should do this, preferably outside, where you can draw power from the Sun, which is amplifying the energy.


  • Get into a trance state and start to clean your aura (please also have a look at the guide "How to clean your Aura" from Anewbiz and me).


  • Inhale energy for about six breaths, while you are visualizing brilliant white-gold light that is surrounding your head. Feel this energy and visualize it inside your head and also outside. Do this for several minutes.


  • Breathe in energy and visualize an even brighter light on your chakras in the head; crown, third eye, and sixth chakra behind the third eye. For each, take several minutes.


  • Move on to your throat chakra, then to your heart, solar plexus, and base chakra. On every chakra, you proceed as mentioned above, about six inhales, visualizing a very bright light on each.


You should not practice this meditation before you go to sleep. You could have difficulties to fall asleep.


Furthermore, there are more than just the main chakras — for example, shoulder chakras, elbow, wrist, hand chakras, and some more.


I recommend starting with the main chakras until you have enough practice. Then you can particularize your meditation and can even use the energy for healing. Focus the specific part on the body for, let's say, ten to fifteen minutes. Do it every day.