How To Work With Lucifer (COMPLETE GUIDE)

The only guide that you need to 100% know how to work with Lucifer.

How To Work With Lucifer
How To Work With Lucifer

This guide is for you if you are serious about working together with Lucifer. Lucifer is not an evil being that wants you soul and he does not feed off negative energies. Almost all stories about Lucifer and Demons generally are ALL LIES.

Let's get started with the guide, shall we?

Truth About Lucifer Revealed & How To Work With Him (FULL GUIDE)

This is the most complete guide about Lucifer and I have summarized all details in this video. Please note that this audio was recorded without a video, so, I have just used another video and put it on the video, so, I could upload this guide to my YouTube channel.

Lucifer Demonic Enn: 

Renich Tasa Uberaca Biasa Icar Lucifer

Lucifer's Cardinal Direction is East and that's why you should face East when you want to contact him. This is not mandatory, but it can help to improve the connection.

The colors that are associated with Lucifer are RED, BLACK, and BLUE. If you want to offer Lucifer a candle it would be better to use one of these colors.

Lucifer Demonic Sigil:

Lucifer Sigil
Lucifer Sigil

Make sure that you have watched the full guide (above), so, you are able to use the sigil and enn correctly.

Lucifer is associated with Air, but he is often also associated with Water & Fire. You might ask why he is associated with not one but a few element... That is because Lucifer can appear with different aspects (If I would want to explain it very lightly and easily I would say Lucifer's aspects are like his moods - depending on his mood/the situation he changes his form)

Lucifer likes Dragons Blood Incense, Myrrh Incense, and Frankincense. It's great to burn one of these incenses since it does not only provide energy to Lucifer, so, he can more easily manifest, but incense smoke also represents the element Air which is Lucifer's main element.

Great offerings that you can give to Lucifer are: Blood, Semen, Whiskey, Rum, Red Roses, Red Wine, and a few more (watch the full video guide above to get more information).


Honest Truth About Lucifer

I have uncovered the truth about Lucifer in this video. This is an older video where I have worn an Anubis mask to protect my identity, but as you know I am now making videos with my actual face.

The planets that are associated with Lucifer are Venus and the Sun. The day of Venus is Friday and the Day of the Sun is Sunday, so, these days are great to call Lucifer. Make sure you call Lucifer in the planetary hour of Venus or the Sun.

When working with Lucifer you might want to use: Sandalwood, Lavender, Frankincense, Dragons Blood Powder, & Myrrh.

Demonic Initiation Into The Left Hand Path

If you are serious about initiating yourself into the Left Hand Path then follow the instructions of this guide. You can download the Guide of the Demonic Initiation (HERE).

Possible manifestations of Lucifer: He can appear as a bright angel with white wings, a hooded cobra or large python, a dragon or dragon-type being, an handsome gentleman/businessman, and as a hooded man or demonic goat.

Invocation of Lucifer - How To Invoke Lucifer

This is an incredibly powerful invocation that I have recorded and edited for you. You can play this invocation and it will 100% call Lucifer to your side. You might not sense Lucifer, but he is 100% with you when you listen to this invocation.

With more practice you can sense him better and at some point you will be able to see and hear him.


Satan Speech (Empowering & Motivational)

Listen to this motivation speech when you feel depressed or down. I have channeled Lucifer's words and put them out in my style. You will feel that these messages are very empowering and some people (including myself) immediately feel an intense connection to Lucifer and Satan once this motivation is playing.


How to pray to Lucifer - WHAT YOU DONT KNOW

Watch this video to learn how you can pray to Lucifer and Demons generally.


Shocking Secret of Angels & Demons

Discover the difference between Angels and Demons.

Lucifer is often associated with: Azazel, Shemyaza, Melek Ta'us, Shiva, Samael, Pan, Lucifuge Rofocale, Prometheus, Enki, Attar, Lugh, Janus, and a few more.

Let me know if you have anything to add to this guide. Shoot me some lovely answers and let me know about your experiences with Lucifer, goals with Lucifer, and discuss your knowledge below this post.


I Wish You Many Blessings!