Hello everybody, just wanted to introduce myself. My name is Michael. I am indigenous to the United States. As a child I had a strong interest in the occult, and as a teen, to be honest, my interest were mostly of girls and friends. Now as an adult, once again, I feel the left hand path is calling to me and began researching all that I could, and have discovered the left hand path is a real thing and not just scary stuff to scare children. I have started a small collection of books regarding the left hand path, and have found anewbiz's YouTube channel, as well as VK Jahennum's. They have been a great help in furthering my understanding of this path. I have yet to start "doing the work" as I hear it is called, but feel that I am ready. Just wanted to thank anewbiz's and any readers who may help further my growth on this path. Thank you