I hope I dont sound silly but I have recently started working to connect with lucifer. Invocing him every day and doing soul cleansings and visualisation practices. After 4 days of doing these practices I woke up in the night and was looking down the bed and around my room and I heard a booming voice shouting the name "jesus!" The deep voice bellowed and echoed throughout the room and inside my head and I instantly thought of Lucifer (i think i may have astral projected in my room and sometimes do).

I know this may sound silly but I believe Jesus and Lucifer are possibly the same in nature. As they are both called "the light bearer" and "the morning star". They are both saviours of humanity who seek to free mankind and elevate us. When I heard the name I instantly thought of Lucifer but why I would hear the name jesus instead of Lucifer I do not know. Can anybody shed some light on this for me please? I swear I read about the Pope once saying how they worship the morning star and I always believed that to be lucifer. I believe jesus and Lucifer are known as the light of the world. Both associated with Venus. So many similarities but I hope i dont sound stupid and ignorant. I was hoping someone could help me understand this.

Thank you.