Jupiter is associated with Law. Symbol of rulership and Dominion this is the implement of a merciful monarch one who rule with Grace generosity and compassion this is the ruler who understand his kingdom this is the ruler who possesses wisdom and the will to wield that wisdom to make the best decisions for the kingdom.

Jupiter the father of Mercury and Mars.

Jupiter works of expansion ambition 

Numbers: 4, 16 , 64 , 444

Color : blue and purple 

Rules : Sagittarius co rules pisces 

Metal : Tin 

Elements : Air / water 

Type of magic performed on days and in hours ..

{{{Career success improving fortunting health honour Leadership and Luck .}}}

Concepts: ascendancy , authority body Health devotion , enthusiasm ,Ethics , Fortune, honour , humor , Law , luck , morals , politics , religion , responsibility, rulership, tyranny, truth and wealth.

Tools : Mace , scepter , Dorje ,crook.

Deities: Amun , Dolichenus, fortuna , Jupiter, Zeus , masduk.

Archangel: Tzadkiel

This ancient Greek associate Jupiter with Zeus and called it phaethon meaning " The bright one " 

Word jovial comes from jove another name for Jupiter is also associated with expansion and for this reason is connected to success in business and other venture. Bodily health is associated with Jupiter with both material and spiritual devotional work is usually associated with it 

Negative Qualities : bigotry, Hypocrisy, recklessness, self indulgence , prejudice , tyranny..

The jupiterian GOD ;

King of the Gods of the Roman Pantheon the sky god who bore the celestial thunder and lightning first deity with the God Juno and Minerra... His name mean father Gods Roman equates other major deites with him including the Egyptian Amun and Syrian Dolchenus sacred animals were bull and eagle Jupiter is the God of weather ,fate and Law & order he is the Most prolific shape shifter of the planetary gods taking on a whole range of animals forms to seduce mortals women and nymphs often produce semi divine children huge no. Of children AKA "Jove" which is the root for the word "Jovial" and humour was associated with Jupiter 

Greek counterpart Zues gods of games with Olympic games helding in his honored .Oak tree was scared to him and He was occasionally represented by wearing a wreath of oak leaves .