Lord Lucifer, hear my plea. I’ve been so many places and heard so
much that I don’t know what is right anymore. Everyone has a
different perspective and way of looking at things. Now, I need one
of my own. I’m tired of being confused and I ask you for
I’d like to become one of your family, but first I need
grounding. I need to feel secure in my own place and comfortable
in my understanding of the All. Where do I fit in? Please guide me
in the direction I need to go and show me the way to the stars. I
ask for wisdom and knowledge, so let your Dark Light shine on me
I spread my arms and raise my face unto the night sky and gaze
into your starry eyes that I might find what is right for me! Hear
the call of my heart that reaches out to you from the darkness, a
small point of light that beckons from this blue and green world
that spins madly through your glorious Universe, never finding a
place to stop and rest.
Although I spin in directions three and appear as a passing
haze, I know that you can find me and single me out of the many,
for I call you by name: Lord Lucifer, come to me and give me the
gift of understanding.

By Nate Leved