Lucifuge Rofocale is also called Focalor.

His zodiac position is 20 to 24 degrees of Libra.

The best date to work with him is from the 13th to the 17th of October.

His favorite candle color is Black.

His favorite plant is Wild Rose.

He rules over the planet Mercury.

His favorite metal is Mercury.

His element is Air.

His rank is King.

He governs 30 legions.

As he is a night demon, it is better to call him during the night.


He has power over the sea and the winds, sinking ships and causing death by drowning. He won't hurt anyone or anything if asked to do so. He looks bald, with a robe that has shiny silver and gold reflections. His wings, if he shows them, are covered with glitter. Lucifuge Rofocale is polite, patient and quietly spoken. He has a slight accent and is rather quiet.